There will be an international kindergarten, education centre for all ages, a residence reserved exclusively for mothers and their newborns, a food emporium, a health clinic, wellness spa and more. The services for this phase have been selected expressly to lay the foundations to an enriching life at Parkview Deco.

Phase one

Phase 2 and 3 consist of residences and commercial premises respectively.  Sustainability practices and Feng Shui principles work in harmony at the destination, which is auspiciously located at the intersection of the Yangtze and Huangpu Rivers. There is a water feature that flows north to south connecting the three phases of Parkview Deco. 

New Jiang Wan City has become the location of choice for some of the most renowned international developers. With its exceptional natural surroundings, the area has been earmarked as a “21st century eco-friendly knowledge-orientated garden district”.

Parkview Deco will complement the excellent resources of the New Jiang Wan City whilst adding its own richness and experience in business operations. The project will seek to lay down a blueprint for a culturally sustainable and environmentally-friendly tomorrow as part of this community. 

Chyau Fwu Group, an award-winning international developer in Asia and Europe is committed to building communiies with art and soul

Parkview Deco is a distinctive Art Deco Moderne mixed-use development located in Baoshan, Shanghai. The branded services for this inaugural phase have been selected with the express intent of opening the door to an enriching life at Parkview Shanghai and the wider Baoshan and Jiang Wan New City. The first phase, comprising activity-based services including dining, kindergarten, spa, health clinic, food emporium and more, has topped off in 2015. It is expected to start routine operation together with the second phase of the project before 2017, whereupon a comprehensive site offering of retail, office, residential, and museum components will be added on for Parkview Deco to become a fully integrated development.


Art Deco

The Art Deco Moderne design aesthetic of Parkview Deco provides continuity with a design style that is a rich part of Shanghai’s architectural heritage dating from the 1920s.

The landscaping is equally eye-catching with year round greenery provided by the hundreds of Windmill Palms, indigenous to China, which will be integral to the overall “look” and appeal of the destination. 

Phase two & three

Launching at the beginning of 2015, the first of three phases comprises six buildings which will be an enclave of activity housing a range of services starting with a great mix of food and beverage options – many brands new to Baoshan, Jiang Wan New City and even to Shanghai and China.

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